User Manual

User Manual

Menu navigation

Rotate the knob left or right to either navigate up and down in the menu or change some value.

Press the knob to select a menu item.

Long press returns you to the main menu.

While annealing a short press will trigger panic mode. Power to the induction board will be cut and the case will be ejected.

Anneal mode

The machine has 2 annealing modes: Classic and Magic


Adjust the position of the platform using the screw wheel. Proper height is when the shoulder/body junction of the case is at the same level as the ridge in the ferrite core.

Classic Mode

Set the time in ms by rotating the knob left or right.

When time is set, drop a case into the funnel. The sensor beneath the sliding plate will register the case and annealing cycle will begin.

Magic Mode

Attention: Do NOT use Magic Mode if the machine has not been trained.

When annealing in Magic Mode you just drop a case in the funnel and the machine will start the annealing cycle, doing realtime prediction and stop cycle automatically when predicted target has been reach.


Before annealing in Magic Mode you have to train the machine. Otherwise annealing won't stop and you will probably melt the case neck, the case insert and the sliding plate. The coil wire could also be damaged.


Go to Settings and set training mode to on,

Set anneal mode to classic and anneal 3 cases of same headstamp and caliber. Then anneal 3 cases of another headstamp and caliber. After each anneal you will be asked if annealing was good. Pressing yes will update the orediction algorithm.

When training is done, go to settings and set Training to off.

Grab a new case, set the platform according to case height/position, set anneal mode to Magic and drop a case in the funnel. The machine will emediately predict a target and stop the annealing cycle when target has been reached.